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Hot Off the Cold Press: Dose Juice

There’s a hot new juice in town and it may just make you hop on the fresh and fruity bandwagon. If you’ve had trouble swallowing green juice mania (literally), you may want to give it another go. With its awesome taste, arty aesthetic and cool kid vibe, Dose is quickly, if not already, becoming Montreal’s answer to more intense juice cleanses that don’t quite sit right on the palette

Get Your Pastry Fix at Patrice Patissier

You dont have to be a St.Henri local to have heard by now that Patrice Patissier, a notable pastry shop, wine bar and a culinary school, has been opened by renowned pastry chef Patrice Demers. Here’s why we love it

Griffintown’s Voskins Brings Innovation and Style to Eyewear

Eyewear connoisseurs, here’s something to sunny up your Friday. Newly established in the historic and bustling neighbourhood of Griffintown, a stone’s throw away from downtown Montreal, Voskins eyewear offers you a trip back in time, when knowledgeable service and craftsmanship were expected and delivered