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Montreal Weekender: January 29 to February 1, 2015

We made it, Montreal; as of this Sunday, January will finally be behind us. We just need one more big weekend ending with one big game, and it’s on to the romantic (and shortest) month of February. That big weekend starts now

Montreal Weekender: January 22 through 25, 2015

From Old Hollywood taking over an Old Montreal landmark to a silent disco ice skating party, our city is battling the cold with style and grace. So what’s the conclusion of all this? Clear your social calendar, ‘cause things are starting to seriously heat up

Montreal Weekender: January 15 through 18, 2015

Well, you’re halfway through the month-long hangover known as January. And while you still have several long hauls to go before Easter gives you a breather, don’t forget about the glorious mini-vacation that starts tonight. Perhaps you’ve heard of it; it’s called ‘The Weekend’

Montreal Weekender: January 8 through 11, 2015

There’s no two ways about it now, Montreal; you’re in 2015. So while you might still be licking your holiday wounds and dragging your heavy heels into a new year of professional responsibilities, the weekend waits for no one. In fact, yours starts right now

Montreal Weekender: December 31 through January 4, 2015

Sweet mercy, you’re almost there. Another year of hard work, hard play, and Taylor Swift being stuck in your head during important meetings. A new chapter is right in front of you, so get ready to turn the page, Montreal. Your weekend starts now