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Marketing and the Metaverse: A Conversation With Tim Parkin

The metaverse has been all over headlines recently, but for many it is still a nebulous idea. Being touted, as “marketing’s next big thing”, the metaverse has many marketers wondering how they will be able to tap it’s potential and what the impact of this virtual world will be. We

#NotableYoungPros: Psychology-Based Brand Strategist Ally Mcilwraith

Toronto has long since become a well-established hotspot for young professionals who truly encapsulate what it means to be ‘notable’. Entrepreneurs, game-changers, industry experts and thought leaders in cutting-edge fields — you name it, we have it all. Ally Mcilwraith is exactly that; an entrepreneur, a game-changer for brands both big

Tips to Scale Your StartUp at a Fraction of The Cost

You’re ready to scale your business and need to know where to best allocate resources. There comes a point in a startup’s business when you have built a small team around you, the business is beginning to stabilize and you realize you need to put your trust in others in

#NotableYoungPros: Managing Director at INFINITI Canada, Adam Paterson

A car-lover at his core, 37-year-old Adam Paterson is the Managing Director at INFINITI Canada. As one of the youngest senior executives at the global company, his Canadian team is pushing the envelope in the automotive industry while delivering on their seventh consecutive year of growth. Paterson’s competitive spirit and