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Millennials, Get Off Your Damn Phones and Start Having Sex Again

When it comes to hot, young bodies, Millennials are choosing to spend them in less primal ways than previous generations when they were in their fucking prime. According to heaps of data and expert opinion presented by the Washington Post, Millennials are about as enthused by sex as a penis

Study: Short Men and Overweight Women Are Paid Less

Aside from the social struggles that can accompany the vertically challenged and overweight, a new study has determined that short men and women with a higher B.M.I. have lower salaries than their “average” counterparts. Using a genetic technique called Mendelian randomization, the results of the study show that genetically determined

This New Cell Phone Wants to Mend Humanity by Only Offering Talk and Text Functionality

“Having a life and living” are two undeniably crucial elements of enjoying the one (hopefully) 80-odd year stretch of consciousness we’ve been granted on this fine earth. But these two relatively achievable ideals, according to Swiss entrepreneur Petter Neby, are being destroyed by our addiction to smartphones.“I think the ‘always on’ life