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13 Kid-Friendly Toronto Restaurants (that You’ll Actually Want to Be At)

For many Toronto young professionals, life doesn’t stop when strollers and diapers are added to the equation. We still want to take advantage of our great city in all of its amazing restaurant-filled glory (and, likely, document the experience on Instagram) – even when the babysitter calls in sick. And

Canada’s National Parks Are Now Free for Anyone Under 18

Last year was a huge year for Canada’s parks. In celebration of the country’s 150th birthday, national parks waived entrance fees for all of 2017. What followed was a record number of visitors taking in Canada’s natural wonder. Some parks even had to close temporarily due to overcrowding, or turn visitors

Social Media is Making Kids Less Happy in Almost Every Aspect of Life

It’s no secret that babies are pretty much born with an iPhone in their hands these days, and it always leaves us wondering how good all these gadgets are for kids’ well-being. Well, not good at all, as it turns out. Economists at the University of Sheffield recently evaluated a series

These Kids Are Adulting Better Than You Right Now

When I was young, you didn’t hear much about kids with careers. I remember trying to wrap my head around the concept of JoJo when she released her single ‘Leave’ at 14. After all, I was the same age as her, and I was still stuck dealing with braces and