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Someone Invented a Coffee Mug That Brews Coffee

We say finally because there can always be a more convenient way to get your caffeine fix. But for now, it doesn’t get any more convenient than this: a coffee mug that brews coffee all on its own. All you have to do is set it and forget it. As

Down a Bottle of Wine and Still Be an Adult With This Genius Invention

Sometimes life necessitates the downing of a bottle of wine. No problem, we’ve all been there. But life also comes with societal restraints that suggest doing so doesn’t make you an adult or some bullsh*t. Again, no problem, because you can now make the grape juice rain without someone calling the police

Toronto Man’s Genius Pool Noodle Bike Helps Keep Drivers at Bay

Cyclists often need a safe space in our cities. And we’re not just talking about a place where people can be cushioned from mainstream stereotypes and discrimination, either; you know, the kind of safe space that makes it difficult to even tell a joke anymore. No, they need a physical safe space

Put Down the Gatorade: Somebody Finally Invented Hangover-Free Alcohol

Remember those good ol’ university days? When Thirsty Thursday wasn’t just a bar special, it was a lifestyle. You could party all weekend, and still somehow manage to pull it together for that 8am lecture on Monday. Nowadays, a late Saturday night usually requires a full-day Sunday recovery session. But