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Black History is Canadian History. And History is Now

As we come to the end of another powerful Black History Month, may we remind you that history isn’t just in the rear-view mirror of life; it is what is created in the small acts of self-love, discovery, and expression that form and inform how we show up in this

Canadian ‘Superwoman’ Lilly Singh to take a break from YouTube

YouTube sensation and popular digital influencer Lilly Singh, better known by her username ‘Superwoman,’ announced in a video released November 12th that she will be taking a break from the video-sharing platform to focus on her mental health, creative motivation and inspiration and her many off-platform endeavours. With a collective

#NotableYoungPros: CEO at Hashtag Communications

Working in the entertainment industry for over ten years, Rachel David is a former broadcaster turned YouTube personality turned entrepreneur. Through combining her network of celebrities, brands, managers and influencers, Rachel is merging the digital and mainstream media worlds by creating authentic brand campaigns connecting top-tier digital influencers with big mainstream