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Canada drops out of top 10 in latest happiness ranking

Every year, a little something called the World Happiness Report ranks countries based on how stoked their citizens are on life. The report used data from the Gallup World Poll to score countries based on six factors: GDP, life expectancy, generosity, social support, freedom and corruption income. Canada has been a mainstay in

#NotablePeople: Founder of Happy Tears Brandon Roy

We could also use a little more light and positivity right now wouldn’t you agree? Brandon Roy is the founder, creative genius, and the “Chief-of-Joy” of Happy Tears. With a title like that, you can rest assured he’s in the business of spreading joy every day, no matter what is happening in

Yes, Being Outdoors Can Make You a Better, Happier Employee

Have you ever found yourself staring listlessly out the window when you’re bored or stuck on a problem? How about those times you need to “take a walk” around your building after a big chat with a client or boss? It likely comes as no surprise that humans have a

Canada Drops Two Places in Latest World Happiness Ranking

Every year the World Happiness Report exists to remind us that a very specific corner of the world is living on cloud nine while the rest of us miserable sacks play catch up. That’s true again this year, of course, as the totally legit Happiness Research Institute has declared Finland

Toronto and Vancouver Tie as Canada’s Two Most Unhappy Cities

While we like to imagine two of our most cosmopolitan cities as harmonious melting pots, the truth is that people in Toronto and Vancouver really aren’t that happy. In fact, they’re the most unhappy people in all of Canada. This comes from a study conducted by three University of British