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The Notable Montreal Grand Prix Guide 2015

The Montreal Grand Prix is just around the corner and everyone that has experienced it will tell you it’s much more than just a race. Our city truly comes alive during these three days. Live concerts, lavish parties, luxury cars, food fairs, brunches, you name it, and it’s on. And

Get Ready For the Chic Ritz-Carlton Hamptons Grand Prix Soiree

It’s back. One of the most coveted parties of the year returns on June 5th at the glorious Ritz-Carlton Montreal to kick Grand Prix off with the crème de la crème of our city. Ritz-Carlton Montreal’s legendary annual event will take place in the glamorous Palm Court, Oval Room and Oval Terrace,

Grand Prix Montreal: The What, Where And When

With the major buzz of the Grand Prix already circulating around the city and abroad since last week, the events and parties are piling up and out of towners are rolling in! So much to do during this hectic but oh-so exciting week, that we wanted to break down the what, where and when for your social calendar this week. Here are our must-attends