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Stacy’s Rise Project: A funding initiative to support women entrepreneurs

The topic of supporting women entrepreneurs is top of mind for many.  The World Economic Forum cited World Bank saying that although women’s entrepreneurship is growing, obstacles remain and men continue to outnumber women 3-1 in business ownership. Luckily, initiatives exist to help women entrepreneurs rise up with access to funding, mentorship,

5 Ways Canadian Entrepreneurs Can Fund a Startup

The world of work for millennials is a completely different ballgame than it was for our parents and predecessors a decade ago. And though that brings with it a series of challenges and obstacles, it’s also a time of excitement, career diversification, and evolving office environments that reflect the way

Canada Will Get a National ‘Mosaic-Like’ Soundtrack for its 150th Birthday

It’s not every day you turn 150 years old. That’s why Canada is getting a pretty sweet birthday gift next year from the federal government. Yesterday, the Liberals unveiled $17.5 million in funding for local events and arts projects, along with a national “soundtrack” to mark our fine country’s 150th

Laser Razor Banned From Kickstarter After Raising $4M Because it Doesn’t Exist

Last month, a Swedish duo introduced the world to the Skarp razor, a 3am-on-a-Tuesday infomercial-type of instrument that promises to remove hair with a laser. It took the Internet by storm and raised $4 million despite producing no evidence of the technology’s existence beyond a shoddy demo video that demonstrated it was