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This Startup Wants to Replace Cemeteries With Stunning Protected Forests

Remember last year when we told you how an Italian company had big plans to turn dead loved ones into trees? Well, it now looks like a similar concept is hitting North America – and it’s a group of predominantly Toronto-born young professionals who are making it happen. Disrupting the

India Is Investing $6 Billion to Create New Forests

India is taking some drastic measures to increase its forest game – and it’s pretty impressive (and expensive). The Narendra Modi government plans to drop a cool $6.2 billion to increase the country’s greenery with a bill called the Compensatory Afforestation Fund Bill. The project aims to increase India’s forest cover

Norway Gave Brazil a $1 Billion ‘Thank You’ for Not Destroying the Amazon

Seven years ago, the Amazon forest was in critical need of resuscitation. Ravaged by extensive deforestation, the largest rainforest in the world had become a place of severe wildlife destruction and greenhouse gas emission. Then Norway stepped in. The Scandinavian country, renowned for its commitment to protect tropical rainforests, pledged $1 billion to

This Family is Living in the Tree House of Your Dreams

A family is pretty much living your childhood dream in a luxury tree house that’s fit for royalty. The “Living the Highlife Tree House” is complete with a trap door, swinging rope bride, zip line, and an assault course. Oh, and it also looks like a castle