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For Sale: Inside Conrad Black’s Extravagant $22 Million Toronto Mansion

Conrad Black, the renowned British-Canadian media mogul-turned-convict and modern-day Lord, no longer needs his mansion in Toronto’s ritzy Bridle Path neighbourhood. On account of rarely entertaining anymore and always being in Europe, Black and his wife, Barbara, have put their 23,000-square-foot home on the market. It goes without saying that it’s

Reality State: Vancouver Tear Down for Sale for $2.4 Million

It may have recently been announced that most of Vancouver’s single-family homes are now valued at over $1 million. But for those looking to buy, don’t let that little tidbit of information discourage you from exploring Vancouver’s real estate markets. Especially considering how many wonderful listings are currently available in the greater

The Playboy Mansion is for Sale for $280 Million…And It Comes With Hugh Hefner

The home of every 13-year-old boy’s dreams is for sale. That’s right, you can buy the Playboy Mansion – for over a quarter of a billion dollars. Playboy CEO Scott Flanders says money from the sale of the mansion will be reinvested into the business, which now hinges on the hope that people will actually

These Were the Top 10 Celebrity Homes for Sale in 2015

Celebrities: people with better homes than the average person. That’s right, homes, because no matter how magic their mansion, there’s always room and budget for an upgrade. Throughout 2015, many of the world’s top superstars tried to sell their glamorous castles and compounds. From Beverly Hills to St. Tropez and New York City,

This is What Wayne Gretzky’s $8.2 Million California Home Looks Like

If you’re currently in the market for a luxurious estate home with impressive amenities, we’ve got the great one for you. The 8,700 sq ft house features five-bedrooms, six-bathrooms, and is located in California’s Westlake Village and can be yours for just $8.195 million. Oh, and the previous owner just