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Things To Do In Toronto This Weekend Besides Watch Fireworks

It finally feels like summer here in Toronto and with the long weekend right around the corner. It’s time to get outside and enjoy the city. Here are 7 killer things to do in Toronto on Victoria Day Long Weekend 2017 (besides watch fireworks!): Toronto’s Festival of Beer Spring Sessions  If

5 IRL Habits That Will Deliver Incredible Value to Your Team

How IRL conversation can deliver more value to your team than you’d ever expect The Notable team devotes significant time to writing, social media and SEO on a weekly basis but it’s our personal relationships with each other, our partners and Millennial friends that establish real community and connection. If

7 of the Ultimate Canadian Cheese and Wine Pairings

It’s becoming fairly well established by now that wine and cheese go together like peanut butter and jelly. But, because the taste is a little more refined than our go-to mac and cheese pairing, simply throwing together any old bottle of plonk and cheddar cheese is not going to guarantee a

The 16 Best Toronto Patios You Need to Check Out in 2016

Toronto. Patios. How long have you been waiting to hear those two words? We know – too long. But now that it’s finally time for Toronto to say farewell to winter (and a spring that felt like winter) we’re here to give you the best patios in the city so you