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10 Important Takeaways from the Women in the World Summit

“The price of hurting the womb of humanity – girls and women – is a high price to pay for everybody,” said Madame Sophie Gregoire Trudeau on Monday, September 11 in Toronto. She joined her husband – our self-proclaimed proud feminist leader, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – and activists, artists,

Feminism Is The Latest Trend In Fashion And It’s Awesome

Feminism is the latest trend in fashion and it’s awesome. Fashion brands are sending women’s rights messaging down the runway, printed on t-shirts to be captured by every photographer and shared by every major media outlet around the globe. Designer Maria Grazia for Dior designed a shirt that read “We Should All Be

Women’s March Organizers Are Planning ‘Day Without Women’ Strike

Ladies, get in formation. The organizers of last month’s supersized Women’s March on Washington are planning a ‘day without women’ strike, an event designed to make an impactful protest against Donald Trump and his actions (and behaviours) by removing women from the workforce for a day. Some say the Women’s

8 Everyday Things That Really Annoy Feminists

It’s 2016 and if the word “feminism” didn’t make people uncomfortable before, it sure does now that the United States elected Trump. I can explain how feminism is simply the belief that women and men should be equal in every aspect of life but you should know this by now.

Ryan Gosling Thinks Women Are Stronger and More Evolved Than Men

It looks like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau isn’t the only proud feminist from Canada. In a recent interview with Evening Standard, Ontario native Ryan Gosling shared just how in touch he is with his feminine side, which typically ranges from “49 per cent, sometimes 47 per cent” depending on what day you