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Kevin O’Leary Officially Enters the Conservative Leadership Race

It seems like just yesterday that the possibility was just a joke. And now it’s actually happening. Sound familiar? According to the CBC, celebrity businessman Kevin O’Leary is entering the Conservative leadership race. This comes just a month after the Dragon said he wants to fight “surfer dude” Justin Trudeau in a

These Are the 10 Numbers Bloomberg Says Will Define Canada’s Economy in 2016

A lot of people make a lot of noise about things like the housing market, manufacturing sector, interest rates, and tax brackets to paint a picture of Canada’s economy. Usually with a very specific agenda to push. You’ll see one side nitpicking a host of pseudo-facts and obscure narratives to portray our

John Oliver Spends 15 Minutes on Canadian Election, Calls Harper a Dickhead

*Please note that sharing of this content in no way reflects Notable’s stance on who should run our awesome country, rather only our stance on humour. We strongly urge all of you to research and vote for the party that you feel best represents your Canada as is your democratic right.  To Last