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7 Tips for an Easy Fall Picnic in Ontario

Fall can be such a beautiful time in Ontario. With the whole city covered in beautiful fall colors and scents and toasty weather to keep you cozy, it’s the perfect time to enjoy a picnic with your friends and family. Just make sure you pack the few essentials to stay

There’s More to Love About Fall Than Pumpkin Spice

We’re just entering the final stretch of October and yet, Mother Nature being the fickle force we often love to hate, is just now deciding to gift us with some consistent 18-20 degree autumn days (where was this two months ago?!). We won’t complain though, especially with all the looming

Notable First Look: H&M Fall Collection

Fall fashion has always been my favourite. Like many girls, the thought of chunky sweaters, layered scarves and new boots makes the dropping temperatures a bit more bearable. When we were asked to host a Notable First Look shopping party for H&M Fall Collection, I was thrilled, this was right in

12 Solid Reasons to Get Excited for Fall

It’s here; the first week after Labour Day – the real start of the New Year. And yes, it hits like a slap in the face after what was likely one last beer and BBQ-filled lazy last (unofficial) weekend of summer. Let’s focus on the positive: Besides the return of

The 4 Fall-Themed Toronto Brunch Dishes You Need to Try Right Now

As October draws to a close and the unseasonably warm weather starts to take on a familiar autumn chill, you might find yourself longing for something more than a PSL – that’s Pumpkin Spiced Latte, for anyone living under a rock. If you’re looking for a foodie challenge, Toronto has