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Modern Dating Has Made Us Terrified to Actually Love Someone

The most terrifying thing about dating today is the absence of emotion. A new film got me thinking about this, as well as the future of dating, love, and marriage. Starring Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult, Equals is set in a stylish, futuristic utopian society where violence and crime have been virtually

Express Yourself: Facebook Rolls Out “Reactions” Update Globally

After months of development, Facebook “Reactions” are finally available to use on the social networking site, taking your like game to a whole new level. The company announced Wednesday that the new update is now available globally, which will make it easier for users to react to shared content with a six new emotions.

President Obama Broke into Song While Eulogizing Victims of Charleston Shooting

It’s impossible to say, ‘politics aside.’ Especially when there are so many involved in this case. An African-American president eulogizing at a funeral that saw nine African-Americans murdered by a 21-year-old white man who has now admitted his intention was to start a race war. But this is a special moment.