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Why The Three Cs Make You a Keeper

I have now dated (or at least gone on a date or two with) all kinds of guys: athletes, nerds, rich guys, poor guys, geniuses, academically challenged and as hippie dippy artsy as they come, as well as painfully type A as the Financial District will breed. One thing I’ve learned about my perfect match: he must have the 3 Cs

The Price of Faking Being Single

It doesn’t matter that you’re ‘too busy’ to find love. All your parents see is a lack of grandchildren coming their way. Well, we can’t help in the baby department, but thanks to an idea imported from China (where else), at least the ability to present the appearance of love has just become a lot easier

Six Things That Will End a Date Before it Starts

Call us picky; we prefer particular. Either way, there are a few things that turn us off when it comes to first, second or third dates. The first few dates are awkward enough… don’t make them worse than they need to be

Nine Rules for Online Dating

It turns out this whole Internet thing isn’t going away anytime soon. And with young professionals (YPs) finding themselves increasingly busy, Internet dating has become more than just a viable option – it’s become the norm. Because we care about you, we wanted to give you a few simple tips before we send you out into the cyberspace version of Press Your Luck

A Male’s Argument for Sex on a First Date

Women in their thirties are hard to impress but easy to sleep with. Before you hate me too much, I am aware that this statement sounds categorically chauvinistic. What I’m actually saying is this: women in their thirties are confident enough in themselves to take what they want without worrying what a man might think – but impressing them enough to get that far is much more difficult