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Almost One-Third Of Toronto Bike Accidents Are Caused by Streetcar Tracks

If you’re a frequent cyclist and live Toronto, then you already know that the streetcar tracks are pretty much your worst enemy. Of course, many cyclists find this out the hard way. A new study from researchers in British Columbia and Toronto exposes just how hazardous the tracks are to

Toronto Startup Launches New Technology to Help Cyclists Not Die

Following in the footsteps (or should we say tire marks) of Vancouver, Toronto is becoming another bike-friendly Canadian city. Just last week the city announced it was installing a 2.6-km bike lane along Bloor St., and now a Toronto startup is contributing to the change with the launch of its gesture

Toronto Wants Your Input on its Draft of a Citywide Cycling Map

Attention cyclists, now is your time to have your voice heard. And we’re looking at all 54 per cent of you fellow Torontonians who are cyclists. As part of the planning and development of Toronto’s 10-year Cycling Network Plan, the city wants input from the public on its interactive draft

Been Doored in Toronto? Here’s How You Can Report it

The roads of Toronto are heavily divided. On one side, you have the car owners, and on the other, the cyclists. As progress continues to stagnate, the issue of cyclists being doored by parked vehicles is one that needs to be addressed and reported. Here’s how