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Welcome to Miami: Toronto is Throwing a Cuban-Style South Beach Party

Miami’s the best – especially when you don’t have to deal with customs to get the amazing vibe. On October 28 and 29, South Beach’s Cuban flare is heading north for a two-day pop-up restaurant and chef collaboration to celebrate the spirit of Bacardí – literally. Stop by Cold Tea

Why You Need to Start Listening to Cuban Music Right Now

We sat down with François Renie, Communications Director for Havana Club International, to get a deeper sense of why we can’t help but start swaying whenever a Cuban strikes a chord. Here’s why part of what makes Cuba move is the music

We Found the Best Cuban Cocktails in Canada

We hit up barstools in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal (we know, the things we do for you) to get a taste of three of the most authentic Cuban cocktails you’ll find anywhere in Canada. And trust us, whether you’re an amateur or an aficionado, you won’t be disappointed with what we found

Mojito: A Recipe for the Most Authentic Cuban Cocktail

When it comes to cocktails, there’s nothing more classic than a Cuban Mojito. And since we wanted to make sure you were enjoying yours as perfectly as possible, we went ahead and asked a renowned expert for the best recipe you’ll find anywhere in the world. You’re welcome