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Cocktail Enthusiasts: Is Your Prosecco Aperitif Award-Winning?

Calling all seasoned mixologists and at-home bartenders alike: Mionetto Canada wants to know how you style your prosecco. Just because this summer is turning out a little different, it does not mean we can’t celebrate in safe and socially distanced ways. We are so excited to share that the 3rd

You Can Win This Beautiful Alberta Lakefront Home for Just $25 and a Letter

“Write a Letter, Win a House.” (And send $25). That’s the simple premise of Alla Wagner’s effort to find a new owner for her beautiful lakefront home in Millarville, Alberta. The house’s market value is $1.7 million. The market is exactly what Wagner would rather avoid. “We love our home and would

How a Strangely-Shaped Cheeto Won a Canadian Couple $27,000

Fires, shootings, assaults. These have been the subjects of national news headlines in Canada during the past few months and it’s enough to make anyone feel down in the dumps and pessimistic. With all the doom and gloom, we need to appreciate the little things that make us smile, like

VIA Rail is Giving Away Free Coast-to-Coast Trips Across Canada

You can’t call yourself a true Canadian unless you’ve gone coast-to-coast. I think it says that somewhere in the Constitution of Canada. The unfortunate reality is that such an endeavour comes at quite a cost. Which is all the more reason you should be absolutely thrilled with this news: VIA rail

Are you looking to follow your passion?

It’s Small Business Month in Canada, and to celebrate GoDaddy is hosting its Life Fulfilling Ventures Contest for the second year in a row to help one lucky entrepreneur grow their venture online. Joshua Fry, Founder of Thera Paws and winner of GoDaddy’s Life Fulfilling Ventures contest last year. GoDaddy