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Uh Oh, A Bunch of Condoms Are Being Recalled in Canada

While this time of year isn’t officially baby-making season, we’ll see what the stats say about that roughly nine months from now. Durex was recently forced to recall two batches of condoms after Health Canada discovered they had expired before getting into consumers’ hands and, presumably, onto other parts of

The IOC Will Provide Olympic Athletes with a Ridiculous Amount of Condoms

Let the games begin. Earlier this week, we told you how having more sex can make you a better athlete. Well, whether Olympic athletes believe this is the case or not (some athletes practice abstinence during times of intense competition), they’ll at least be fully equipped with condoms should they

Why We’re Okay With Teens Doing the #CondomChallenge

The Condom Challenge is the latest and greatest viral craze to hit the Internet. In case it has yet to hit your Twitter or Instagram newsfeeds, the trend involves filling condoms with water and literally dropping them on your friend’s head and hoping it doesn’t burst. And, if you’re in