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Coding Will Be Added to B.C.’s School Curriculum Over the Next Three Years

Recognizing that technology is indeed the future, British Columbia is set to introduce computer coding in its school curriculum from kindergarten through to grade 12. Premier Christy Clark announced the initiative during a two-day summit on technology in Vancouver to address a chronic skills shortage in one of Canada’s most robust industries.

Why Coding is the Next Big Industry for Women

For years we’ve been told that coding is the must have skill of the future. And while our futures seem so far away when we pick out majors (social studies, anyone?) it’s becoming clear that choosing a computer related field is going to have the most staying power when the

For One Week Only, You Can Learn to Code for Free

By now, we don’t have to tell you that coding is one of the most influential and relevant professions of the present and the future. And if we do, you need to emerge from under that rock of yours and start understanding what makes you able to read this on

Australia is Replacing History and Geography with Coding in Some Schools

Move over geography and history – it’s all about coding right now. Coding has replaced those two subjects in Australia’s new digital technologies curriculum, which was endorsed by education ministers on Friday. According to The Australian, this ensures that 21st century computer coding will be taught in primary schools from

Why Learning How to Code Should Be Your Next Career Move

Vincent Renais had a job. But like a lot of young professionals, he simply wasn’t happy with what he was doing. It was a way to pay the bills, but not something he looked forward to every day. You know what did make him happy though? Apps. He lived off