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Cell Phones Will Be Banned in Ontario Classrooms Starting This Year

Cell phones will soon belong to a list of Bad Things not allowed in the classroom, like drugs and guns. Education Minister Lisa Thompson yesterday alluded to a ban on mobile devices in Ontario classrooms. The policy will be implemented starting this school year, in September. “Ontario’s students need to

Screw an Apple a Day: If You Want to Be Healthy Start Texting With Your Doctor

The world’s leading cause of suicide is Justin Bieber’s net worth. Don’t look it up. Just trust me. The world’s leading cause of death, however, is Cardiovascular disease (CVD). It causes such significant disruption that The World Health Organization and the American Heart Association have both set goals to help

CRTC Wireless Code Additions Give Mobile Users Room to Breath

No cancellation fees for terminating your contract after two years; the ability to unlock you phone after 90 days; cell phone return option after two weeks; capped data and roaming charges. Sounds good to us! Here’s what mobile users can look forward to after the CRTC’s wireless code revisions today

Don’t be That Girl or Guy Who…

We all have our flaws. But there are certain behavioural traits we have recently witnessed that inspire a shaking of the head in annoyed disbelief as we think to ourselves (and sometimes out loud): seriously?! Here are some that take the cake. Don’t be that girl or guy who

UNTETHER.talks: The TEDx of Mobile

With the potential to become the TEDx for Mobile in Toronto, UNTETHER.talks brings together some of the brightest industry minds to discuss the future of mobile and how we, as a connected society, will get there. Here’s why you should attend