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Notable Toronto Canada Day Guide 2013

We’ re so excited that Canada Day is actually on the holiday Monday this year. From techno on the island to a Canada Day party at Williams Landing, here’s what’s on our party radar to celebrate our nation’s birth

Where to Watch Canada Day Fireworks In Toronto

While there may be many Canada Day celebrations begging your participation, the one we can all agree on is that no matter what, you cannot call yourself a patriotic Canuck unless you watch fireworks somewhere – anywhere! – on July 1st. Here’s where to catch ’em in the TDot…

Toronto Canada Day Guide

Canada Day is, of course, a day to celebrate. Not only is it our nation’s birthday, but we busy young professionals are blessed with an extra day off (hopefully) on Monday. From city-wide festivals to events for the nightclub crowd, here’s how to celebrate this weekend if you’re not cottage-bound

Canada Day in Toronto

Canada Day in Toronto has got to be one of Canada’s best celebrations aside from the festivities in our nation’s capital. It’s hard to keep track of everything to do, so we’ve compiled a cheat sheet for you so you don’t miss out on any of the fantastic celebrations or parties. PS Could you be more excited that it falls on a Friday?