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A New York City Cafe is Offering Unlimited Coffee Memberships for $25/Month

New York City’s Fair Folks & a Goat is offering one of the greatest and perhaps most dangerous memberships on this planet: unlimited coffee for $25 a month. Its two locations in Greenwich Village and East Village offer customers all the espresso, lattes, tea, and lemonade of their heart’s desire, which is probably

An Israeli Café is Using Hummus to Spur Peace Between Arabs and Jews

The key to solving any conflict is to find common ground between opposing sides and then slowly begin to work on tolerating differences from there. In the Middle East, this has been a largely unachievable task, to say the least. Truces, ceasefires, and peace deals have all been built on shaky foundations, void of

Cereal-Hating Anti-Gentrification Protesters Attack London Café

Admit it, you’ve sat around with some pals at least once and schemed about this insane concept where, like, people go to this place that only serves cereal. Then you thought better of it a few minutes later and the idea never materialized. Well, two entrepreneurial Irish brothers actually followed through

Opening Soon: Get Your Caffeine Kick at Monogram Coffee

In the next few weeks, Altadore is getting a welcome new addition to the neighbourhood with Monogram Coffee opening up. A cozy little shop with more than just a great cup of coffee, we’re guessing this will soon be a regular destination for exclusive events and artisanal products