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Sharing a Pet Post-Breakup Rarely Works

If you’re going to get a pet with your significant other (SO), you better be serious about your relationship. While it may sound like a great idea in theory – and we’ve all heard from former couples who it miraculously works well for – sharing a pet post-breakup isn’t all

Why Your BFF’s Broken Heart Can Be Worse Than Your Own

A broken heart sucks. I mean literally, a broken heart means you’re probably dead but figuratively, being heartbroken can be earth shattering as well. Dealing with your own break up is one thing, dealing with your soul sister of a BFF’s is another. It’s hard to decipher your own feelings

5 Creative Ways to Get Over a Breakup

I know, I know: breaking up is hard to do. There are the totally gut-wrenching kinds where that special someone totally rips out your heart, stomps on it, breaks it into a zillion tiny pieces and walks away like it was no big deal at all. There are also the amicable breakups that

This is How People Described the Final Night With Their Ex

Anyone who’s ever been through a rocky breakup can attest that the final night with their ex is never a pleasant affair. For all you know, this could be the last time you will see this person again, and no matter how badly they hurt or betrayed you, they were still a significant