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Need a Luxury Yacht for a Few Hours? There’s an App for That…

Think yachts are reserved for celebs, the Wolf of Wall Street types, and the models who date them? Think again. Following the growing trend to bring luxury to the masses, a San Francisco-based startup called GetMyBoat lets anyone captain one of the 31, 000 vessels listed on the company’s website.

Everything You Need to Know About (Safely) Boating This Season

From the Pacific Ocean off of Vancouver Island to the lakes of Muskoka, if there’s one thing young professionals like to do – and document on social media – it’s boating. But you know what can really kill the vibe of an otherwise picture perfect Canadian summer day on a

From the Boat to the Cottage Bar: The Perfect Shoe

We’re officially in the midst of cottage season; if there was ever a time to perfect your effortless and casual look, it’s right now. Summer footwear destination ALDO has just what you need for that shoe that will take you straight from the boat to cottage bar

Long Weekend Boating Basics

Some of you will likely spend the entire long weekend lounging on the boat and enjoying the water for the next three days. Before you buy a boat, operate one or ask permission “to come aboard,” there are a few things you need to consider