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19 Things That Become Cooler As You Get Older

Sure, there are times when we all feel just as young, immature, and irrational as we did when we were in high school and university. But then there are those others when we sit back and realize that we’ve become actual functioning grown-ups. And it turns out adulthood isn’t too bad.

Soiree Contact Sensually Redefines Ballets Jazz de Montreal

As one of the most architecturally astounding structures in Montreal, the Maison du Conseil des Arts housed a soirée flawless to its caliber. Contact was an exhilarating experience brought forth by the Young Leaders of the Ballets Jazz de Montréal. Set amidst a marbled Romanesque backdrop, guests were inevitably spellbound by the blissful locale, even before the first of three passion-driven performances

The Tutu Project: Ballet, Fashion and Art

In this week’s column, our style expert Hannah Yakobi shares all about The Tutu Project by the National Ballet of Canada that combines style, creativity and a real flair of art. Here’s why you should definitely check it out