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This is the Worst Apartment Rental Ad in All of Canada

Renting an apartment in Toronto is getting increasingly tougher, with prices rising and vacancy falling by the day. It’s no surprise, then, that landlords are taking advantage of the market. A recent upload on imgur reveals what kind of insanity renters are dealing with. The post shows an ad for an

You May Soon Be Able to Rate Your Toronto Landlord Like a Restaurant

Most Toronto renters have some sort of landlord horror story at the ready. Whether it’s someone who is extremely slow to respond to any sort of maintenance request or a sketchy fellow who wants everything paid in cash, a good landlord can be hard to find. But what if it

For $1000 a Month, You Can Rent a Garage in Toronto

We knew the Toronto real estate market was harsh, but this one really takes the cake. If you’re on the hunt for a place in The 6ix, we have the perfect spot for you. That is, if you don’t mind living in someone’s garage. The “picturesque coach house” is located at

You Could Win a Vacation in This NYC Apartment… That’s Completely Edible

We have been known to describe some vacations as mouth-watering. There’s a dish for every European country that you simply must try, some very Instagram-worthy snacks to sample from around the globe, and incredible street food destinations in Asia to gorge on. But it’s not often that we assign this

12 Household Items Every Young Professional Should Invest In

After what felt like years of searching for your first ‘real’ job and moonlighting as a server, you’ve finally locked down your first big girl job and damn does it feel good. As your bank account (thankfully) begins to increase you finally realize it’s time to move out of the