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Avoid these things if you want to travel well this year

As it does every year, Airbnb is starting to compile travel trends. Trends mean followers, which essentially mean people, which most travellers probably want less of on their holiday. Which makes Airbnb’s travel trends a perfect forecast of what to avoid in 2020. Unless, of course, you truly enjoy doing

Thousands of Listings Pulled Off Airbnb as Vancouver’s New Rules Come Into Effect

New statutes issued by officials in Vancouver meant to decrease the number of homes rented out to tourists via popular short-term rental website Airbnb appear to be working. Vancouver’s new regulations stipulate that homeowners may only offer their primary residences for short-term rental on the Airbnb site while also requiring

Toronto Police: Airbnb is Becoming a Hot Bed for Human Traffickers

Airbnb presents plenty of challenges for the City of Toronto. But there’s one you probably couldn’t have predicted: human trafficking. According to Toronto Police, the popular hippie camper and Montreal castle marketplace is being increasingly used by alleged human traffickers. “We’re seeing an emerging trend with human traffickers using more Airbnbs in the

Rookie Mistakes from an Airbnb Host

“They just threw my HBC towels on the floor of a flooded bathroom! MY HUDSON’S BAY TOWELS!” I cried at the start of our weekly Sales meeting. I had just wrapped up my first weekend renting out our lake house as a rookie Airbnb host. And while my husband was