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The Gender Wage Gap Gets Worse for Women at 32 — And It’s Not Ok

Getting older sucks – a fact that is even truer if you are female. Not only can it be seen optically and, ahem, in other ways heading south, according to a new study the wage gap actually increases as we celebrate more and more birthdays. A new study of 165,000 U.S workers

Massive 15-Year Study Reveals the Best Age for Women to Have Children

The nerve, we know. What does some study think it is to tell you when you undertake arguably the most important decision in your life? First, it’s important to mention that the methodology here is purely economic. In no way can a bunch of data determine when a woman should get pregnant. It can, however,

30 of the Best Things That Come After You Hit 30

The days of dreading your 30th birthday are over. Seriously, stop thinking about that looming “3” at the start of your age as signifying the end of your best years. While some of the wildest, most memorable times of your life undoubtedly happen in your 20s, there’s so much more to

According to Male OKCupid Users, Women Over 24 Are Past Their Peak

OkCupid data has been crunched to reveal some trends in both sexes when it comes to dating and what they find the most attractive. The data – gathered from heterosexual users (39k females and 58k males) between the ages of 20 and 50 – revealed some shocking and expected results. We

New Research Says the Ideal Age to Get Married is Between 28-32

A new study on the ideal age of marriage doesn’t shock, but rather confirms what we’ve believed all along – at least in one respect. To put it bluntly; today, if you get married too young, you’ll probably end up getting divorced. And by now, most of us have seen