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Video: It’s Time to Get Excited for the 2015 Notable Awards

Last year we blew up the country by featuring the best and brightest young professionals and young entrepreneurs in the business. 1000s of people were nominated, 10s of 1000s voted, and a select few were lucky enough to be crowned Notable Award Winners. And this fall, we’re doing it all again.

Toronto’s Best New Cafe of 2014 as Chosen by You

You came, you sipped, and you spoke. After sifting through the alphabet of our city’s finest 2014 roasters, you landed on one letter and called it your favourite. Read on to see who you voted as Toronto’s best new café of 2014

Notable Poll: What Was Toronto’s Best New Café of 2014?

We’re still sticking to the big showdowns of 2014, and this time it’s a battle of the baristas. In recent years, Toronto has grown a phenomenal selection of coffee shops and cafés and 2014 was as good a crop as any. But we want to know what 2014 independent newcomer was your favourite spot to pick up a caffeine kick

2014 Was the Year of Same Sex Commercials. Finally

Lately, we’ve noticed something quite refreshing: an increase in mainstream commercials that feature same-sex couples. In fact, 2014 saw more same-sex commercials than ever before in North America – and some from brands you’d least suspect. Here are just 8 of them that are worth checking out if you missed them the first time around