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Supreme Court of Canada Legalizes All Forms of Medical Marijuana

Cookies, brownies, tea, lip-balm, massage oil.

It’s all good.

According to CBC News, “Medical marijuana patients will now be able to consume marijuana — and not just smoke it — as well as use other extracts and derivatives,” not to mention the “unanimous ruling against the federal government expands the definition of medical marijuana beyond the “dried” form.”

Which means that the Supreme Court really burned one down today. A law, that is.

Stemming from a 2009 case against a baker for the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club, the court’s decision “upholds earlier rulings by lower courts in British Columbia that said they went against a person’s right to consume medical marijuana in the form they choose.”

One thing’s for sure, Federal Health Minister Rona Ambrose is “outraged” by the ruling. Saying in a press conference, “”Let’s remember, there’s only one authority in Canada that has the authority and the expertise to make a drug into a medicine and that’s Health Canada.”

So this probably won’t be the last we hear of the new ruling, but for now, you don’t have to smoke ’em if you got ’em. You can have it any way you please.

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