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Stop Everything and Download This Secret Emoticon Keyboard on Your iPhone

The last wave of new emojis was cool and all, but this here is real keyboard magic.

All hail the Japanese Kana writing system, which comes neatly packaged as a downloadable keyboard on your iPhone. It features a fantastic collection of Kana symbols paired with standard English characters to form emoticons that express far deeper moods than an emoji could ever wish to accomplish. Just look at these guys…


Here’s how to get it, via Mashable:

Open Settings > General > Keyboard > Add New Keyboard > Japanese >Kana. You’ll then need to tap the globe icon on your existing keyboard and select the Japanese symbols that sit just to the left of the emoji categories. Now, tap the small emoticon face posited to the right of the microphone icon.

The best part, however, is that one of Kana’s symbols serves as the foundation for arguably the greatest emoticon of all time:


No more copy and paste action for IDGAF guy. Happy Thursday.


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