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STMNT – How Uplevelling the Barbering Space Birthed A Gender and Style Inclusive Grooming Brand

Rewriting the standards of grooming in the barbering industry — regardless of gender or style — is the name of the game for three disruptors and their newly launched product line, “STMNT.”

Sofie Pok, Julius Arriola, and Miguel Gutierrez, three visionaries in the barbering space, came together to reimagine the rules and standards of grooming, each bringing their own individual touches and finesse to the line.

The modern barbering industry has undergone a massive shift over the last decade. What was once viewed as an outdated gentlemen’s service has transformed into a fusion of modern hairstyling and traditional barber services. 

Meet the Creators:

Sofie Pok is an award winning, L.A. based barber and international educator with an eye for technical perfection in her craft. “There is so much we can do in a free-form art as barbering. It’s helped me elevate in so many ways as I connect with different people and inspiration from around the world,” shares Pok. 

Miguel Gutierrez is a UK-based traveling barber, photographer, and storyteller. Infusing his work and products with inspiration from his travels, Miguel truly loves what he does. “Traveling the world inspires me in my craft and creation. Embrace the unknown and let the journey become part of you,” Gutierrez says. 

Julius Arriola is an L.A. based barber, educator, and show host. Known as “Julius Cvesar” to his massive social media following, Julius believes in breaking the mold at every turn, especially when it comes to his work and empowering others. “Finding your own statement is super special. It should be something that comes from the heart. Be yourself. Make your statement. Manifest greatness,” shares Arriola.

With an emphasis on championing individuality, confidence and freedom of expression, STMNT is taking the Canadian grooming market by storm. The STMNT collection features 14 products divided into four product lines. Each of the three visionaries has created their individual “collection” of go-to products in their own line within the brand, and then for STMNT’s fourth line, “The STMNT Care Core Collection,” all three creators have come together to blend their unique visions. The four product lines offer everything from professional shampoo and conditioner combos, to cleansing bars, hairspray pomade, and many more high-quality options.

Elevating the grooming game with professional quality products, STMNT is not only here to “make a statement.” We think you’ll agree that this brand is here to stay and will quickly become a modern classic. 

To learn more about STMNT check out their Instagram @stmntgrooming

STMNT is available for purchase at select salons Canada-wide, was well as

Brittany Johnson

Brittany is a Toronto based freelance writer, avid traveller, sheet mask hoarder and Nora Ephron enthusiast.