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McDonald’s is Filling 250,000 Jobs Through Snapchat

Snapchat isn’t just meant for sending disappearing selfies anymore. Now Millennials can use Snapchat to apply for a job at McDonald’s. The fast food chain has collaborated up with the app to hire 250,000 workers across the US in summer 2017, and this is probably just the beginning of Snapchat as a recruitment tool.


McDonald’s is leveraging the reach and popularity with Millennials to attract potential applicants between the ages of 16 and 24, the sweet spot for McDonald’s recruits that happens to also be the sweet spot of Snapchat’s prime user base. The company will start sending direct invites to users today, and anyone interested can start sending in what it calls “Snaplications,” as well.

“Snaplications” let people participate in a brand activation while applying to McDonald’s in exactly the same way as always. Snaplications is a Snapchat filter that lets people put on a virtual McDonald’s hat and name tag. Then, they can record a 10-second video talking about themselves and send it to McDonald’s.

Unfortunately, a Snaplication doesn’t take the place of a one-on-one interview, which begs the question: what is it for, exactly? While we can’t say for sure whether sending one in gives you an edge over another applicant, the company says it’ll take the videos into account. When the feature launched in Australia, the company’s COO in the country said they’re looking for “positivity” and “bubbly personality.”

We’re guessing McDonald’s will look for hints of those in applicants’ 10-second video clips.

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