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Seal Randomly Appears to Perform Impromptu Duet With Montreal Busker

Life as a busker comes with no shortage of surprises.

One day you could be hanging out on a busy downtown corner, counting the change you just made from a few hours of playing guitar, when SEAL SHOWS UP AND SAYS, “You really touched me. You have an amazing voice.”

Yup, that’s what happened to Montreal busker Jason Deeh Pitre on Saturday evening while he was playing at the Notre-Dame cathedral.

The “Kiss From a Rose” singer said he listened to Pitre play for a long time before approaching him to express his pleasure.

But he wasn’t done there; Seal then asked Pitre if he was interested in playing a song together, suggesting the classic “Stand By Me.”

Naturally, he abided.

Here’s how Pitre recalls the encounter:

We’re not sure what’s more remarkable: the fact that Seal just randomly proposed a duet with a busker on the streets of Montreal or that there’s virtually no one in attendance to take in the incredible scene.

Oh, and sorry if you expected a sea mammal to grab the mic and jam…


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