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Ruby Fremon Spreads Self Love in Vancouver

With the launch of her website, Ruby Fremon hopes to help others – especially young professionals – find their purpose through the power of self-love. With the rise of social media and busier-than-ever lifestyles, it’s easy to get caught trying to keep up rather than remembering what's most important to you

Like many others finding their way though life in their mid-twenties and thirties, former Vancouverite Ruby Fremon had her ah-ha moment of realization after spending too much time on a completely opposite path – one of self-destruction.

Finding self-love has completely changed Ruby’s life course and defined her desire to help others.

Through one-on-one coaching, monthly webinars, and live events in both Vancouver and Los Angeles, anyone interested in making a difference in their life long-term can open up to true happiness. Her key tool is a three-month program designed to turn your life into everything you imagine.

We already gave you nine reasons why you should love therapy, but for those still a little afraid to make the commitment, life coaches can also be a way to improve the daily grind. 

Naturally, we wanted to hear the self-love wisdom straight from Ruby herself:  

What made you start this self-love movement on a professional level?
For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to live my life helping others. I was stuck and I held myself back from growing spiritually – I had a real disconnect with who I was. All of the negative relationships and energy continuously created the perfect fuel to drive a toxic life that I thought I was worthy of living.

It all changed when I hit rock bottom in 2012.

My journey gave me the tools I needed to change every aspect of my life. My life experiences are my credentials and my life lessons have become my coaching practices. I am now happy, healthy, whole, and living a life filled with love, authenticity, and positivity. I want to help others create their own positive life transitions through the power of self-love. I want to ignite the flame inside others so they too can realize that they have the power to change their lives.

I believe that what we put out, we receive in return – all of this affects my actions, thoughts, and behaviours.

What have those who have worked with you realized by pairing with an expert?
My clients appreciate my authenticity because it creates a sincere connection. I don’t just preach self-love, I teach it from a place of experience. I’m not afraid to share my story, my hardships, or my wrongdoings. Because of that people have felt connected to me. My clients find I offer them practical everyday tools, as well as spiritual practices to help them create life shifts. When you truly love yourself for all that you are, all that you were, and all that you will become, you won’t ever put yourself in situations or experiences that devalue your worth. My goal with my clients is to work with them to co-create the life they truly want to live.

How do you think social media ties into self-love?
Photoshop, filters, and other editing tools make it incredibly easy for people to alter their photos – it’s an attempt to create the “ideal image” – how we view ourselves. The awful addiction to ‘likes’ leads to people posting attention-grabbing updates simply for the sake of attracting likes. It feeds the ego and makes people feel as though this is what will ensure their peers accept them. What I would love to see more of in the social media world is authenticity; people being real. Many people find it difficult because deep down, they lack self-love. The lack of self-love causes people to feel uncomfortable or even fearful about posting unedited images and authentic updates. 

Why is self-love integral for young professionals?
Our generation – Gen X and millennial – were raised to be, and naturally are, extremely motivated, hard-working individuals. Yet, we weren’t equipped to connect with the love we have within us. This is why there are so many people between the ages of 26-40 who are experiencing what I like to call a ‘mid-mid-life-crisis’. Usually triggered by the end of a long-term relationship – or lack thereof. A career change can also leave people feeling lost, stuck, and depressed.

The reason for this is because somewhere down the line we were programmed to believe that other people, things, and statuses would fill us up – that this would fill the holes in our being. When we lose those people or things from our lives, we lose those pieces of ourselves.

By learning to harness the power of self-love, I guarantee people will gain the ability to create better decisions and healthier life choices to live a more positive and fulfilling life.


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