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Researchers at UofT Just Put Together an Instagram Algorithm That Will Help You Dress Better

If you thought the only thing Instagram was good for was procrastinating and feeling some serious FOMO, you’re going to be happy to hear about this new study a few Canadians put together.

Researchers at University of Toronto have developed a new way to analyze your fashion sense using your Instagrammed outfit of the day (or #ootd as it’s known in hashtag land).

The best part – this analysis will tell you how to improve your outfits to get the look that complements your body best (or at least, the look that will get you the most compliments).

They began research by studying 144,169 photos on Chictopia – the original Instagram for fashion bloggers and the outfit obsessed. Users can vote on a photo or comment on it – much like how you can heart or comment on a photo on Instagram. The algorithm created takes this data to generate suggestions based on the outfit, scenery, and lighting in your photo to help it generate more likes and comments.

It will also show you fashion scores and outfit trends from all around the world over the past six years, allowing users to develop their fashion knowledge even deeper.

From a designer standpoint, the tool is invaluable – helping them develop and adapt new designs based on what is currently trending. If something unexpected takes off on Instagram, as a designer you’ll have a leg up in creating a look within that trend that will be instantly sellable to retail buyers.

It’s important to keep in mind that the algorithm is based on the idea that, as a fashionista, what is most important to you is that others validate your outfit choice by hearting and commenting on it – which isn’t exactly the best way to develop a unique sense of style. But it is a fun way to explore the trends, and, if you’re a fashion blogger, find out how to get as much interaction as possible with your posts.

The program will analyze the components of your photo and make recommendations such as: ‘heels,’ ‘black tights,’ and ‘pastel shirt.’ So basically, it’s telling you that outfits with heels tend to get more likes than outfits without.

Obviously, it’s best used just to have fun with your outfits and to think of new ways to wear an item you might be otherwise stuck on.

Like anything in life, it’s not really worth doing if you’re only doing it for Instagram likes.


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