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It’s World Oceans Day, and a chance for us to highlight businesses and organizations that are working to protect, maintain, and improve the health of the world’s oceans, upon which all life relies. Thankfully, environmental responsibility is becoming more important to companies and corporations around the world , but for some, taking care of the environment is in the DNA of their brand.

We were introduced to Project Seahorse through their partnership with Wakefield Wines. Wakefield has a built-in fondness for seahorses, as fossils of the quirky hippocampi were found when they broke ground on their first vineyard, providing inspiration for the winemaker’s logo. But the Taylor family, that founded and operate Wakefield Wines, also have a passion for environmental conservation and sustainability and Project Seahorse has been a natural partner for them. In additional to financial support, Wakefield has campaigned to raise awareness and further funding for the important work Project Seahorse does to restore and maintain the health of our oceans.  

At first glance, the seahorse may seem like a rather specific, somewhat insignificant creature to build a marine conservation team around. But, in fact, the seahorse is an important ambassador for ocean health. Seahorses are particularly vulnerable to stresses in the environment, therefore are indicators of the well-being of the sea, the proverbial canary-in-the-coal-mine. If populations of seahorses are in trouble, it means the rest of the marine-ecosystem is in trouble. Conversely, if we can save the seahorses, we can save the seas!

So, starting on a biological level with the humble seahorse, Project Seahorse’s work expands outward to address habitat, eco-systems, industry, communities, regions, nations and ultimately the health of the planet. The team at Project Seahorse has established projects that span the globe, encompassing research, education, collaboration with governments and effective, holistic actions to ensure the conservation and sustainable use of the world’s coastal marine eco-systems. Restoring habitat, establishing protected marine areas, monitoring the fishing industry and regulating wildlife trade are some of the many actions Project Seahorse takes.

The work of Project Seahorse is vast and complex and we encourage you visit their website to learn about the different facets of the organization. And, as we acknowledge World Oceans Day, it’s a good time to support their essential conservation work by visiting our friends at Wakefield, and following the link to donate.  

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