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Pro Surfer Laird Hamilton Wants to Replace Carts with Boards on the Golf Course

World-famous professional surfer Laird Hamilton has taken his boarding expertise and applied it to the golf course. His mission: for every golfer to ‘surf the earth‘ in the near future.

Laird co-founded GolfBoards – which are exactly what their name implies – to breathe life into a sport that has seen young people increasingly lose interest. Surfing around the fairways will apparently reduce an 18-hole round to three hours or less.

“It’s for everybody,” Hamilton told the Wall Street Journal. “You can’t deny the functionality of it, you can’t deny the fun of it, you can’t deny the athleticism of it. It just has too many things to offer to ignore.”

That’s at least two improvements over wheeling around in a motorized cart.

GolfBoards just completed five months of beta testing at four U.S. golf courses and will be available at more than half of the courses managed by one of the country’s largest golf companies, Billy Casper Golf.

Reviews so far have been mixed; the boards still make for a fun day on the links when one’s performance is in the rough, but they’re concerningly limited in beer transport capability.

Which, of course, is also an excellent remedy for sub-par swingin’.

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