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3 Reasons To Invest In Your Period And Think With Your Vagina

Fresh-to-market period products are being branded and marketed for the cool girl who buys her groceries at farmer markets and cares about about social activism.

Playtex and Kotex have some major competition with brands such as Canadian based easy. and Lola, stealing their ladyhood with their edgy graphic designs, conscious consumer messaging and health first approach.

Here are three reasons why it’s time to invest in your monthly gift and think with vagina first.

They’re Less Toxic To You Vagina:

Here’s what you need to know when perusing for tampons – all cotton good. Pesticides, bleach and artificial fibres bad. Such ingredients are harmful to the female body because the contents actually shed in the vaginal walls.

Dr Nunns, gynaecologist at Nottingham City Hospital, recommends his patients change to all-cotton products, because the skin of the vulva is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body and easily irritated by polypropylene, perfume and bleach. How does that affect your pretty little kitty? The answer has three letters and three words: TTS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). TTS was a major health concern in the 80’s, and probably why our mothers used it as a scare tactic to make sure we never “left it in for too long”. Five out of 100,000 menstruating women still experience varying degrees of TTS, sometimes without even knowing it.

This infection that many people feel is an old wise tale is actually making a comeback due to manufacturer’s efforts to increase the absorbencies of their products. The worst part about this is that even though tampons are used by 70% of women they still are not regulated to level in which they should be. The FDA doesn’t require companies to disclose any ingredients, and there have been no case studies on the long term effects of unwanted substances entering the bloodstream via tampons.

Cotton with  BPA-free plastic applicators is all you need. All-natural, absorbent and no chance of TTS possible.  



They Come To You:

The Millennial generation is full of independent women with full-time jobs and side hustles, and no time for a drugstore run. Lola is one company that is dedicated to making the worst days of your month more convenient and less shameful. A positive experience during your period can lead to transparency and acceptance, whereas a negative one can breed shame and effective your mental state during that time. easy. understands this concept as well, they include in your package every month — not only tampons but chocolate, a quote card and thank you note too. 

Period Meets Social Activism:

Millennial entrepreneurs want you feel better during that time of the month, they want all women to have the right to a healthy and comfortable period. Lola is fully aware that everyday millions of low income women have to choose between feeding their family or buying menstrual products for themselves, a choice no woman should ever have to make. Because of this for every purchase they donate products to partners supporting these women. On the other side of the world in Africa 80% of girls lack access to sanitary pads, easy. sees this issue and donates 5% of their end of year profits to ZanaAfrica Foundation, and as they grow so does their contribution. What better mental booster than knowing that the while you support your own period, you’re also supporting another woman’s as well.

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Lindsay Sganga

Notable Life Sr. Social Media Editor