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Patrick Patterson: A Glimpse Into His Personal Style

Toronto Raptors power forward Patrick Patterson's obvious passion in life is sports, but what many don't know is that he has always had a love for fashion. Today, the NBA style icon gives us a glimpse into his personal style

Born in Washington, DC, 25-year-old Patrick Patterson was traded to the Toronto Raptors in December 2013 by the Sacramento Kings along with Greivis Vásquez, John Salmons, and Chuck Hayes. This summer, Patterson re-signed with the Raptors on a three-year contract. Though Patrick’s major passion in life is sports, he has always had a love for fashion. Today, the NBA style icon gives us a glimpse into his personal style.

How would you describe your style?
My style is a mixture of European and athletic. I tend to integrate fitted pieces with athletic apparel. 

Do you think that fashion and style is imperative for a positive portrayal in society today?
Yes I do. Fashion and style give people the ability to explore and develop new trends and styles. It allows us to feel comfortable and good about ourselves. Fashion can even change a person’s perception of themselves. 

Do you believe fashion to be crucial to your profession?
Yes I do. I am always in front of cameras or media personnel. It is important to always look our best. 

What is your first favorite fashion memory?
Growing up I loved wearing Girbaud pants, Air Force Ones, Fubu or white tees. And a long chain. 

What are your favorite Canadian shops?
Get Fresh Company in Toronto (498 Queen St. West).

Would you prefer to suit up or dress down?
Suit up. 

What’s your favorite outfit right now?
A thick cardigan with slacks.

Is it difficult for you to find fashionable pieces that fit you properly? How do you manage?
Yes, it is difficult due to my size and build. I thankfully have people who can find things for me – and a stylist.

How would you define Toronto’s fashion?
Similar to New York; Toronto fashion is quite diverse. I have noticed there to be a kind of uniform, depending on the area you are in in the city. There is also clearly a lot of emerging talent in the Toronto fashion industry. 


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