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Over 1,500 ‘Mad Men’ Props Will Go on Sale June 1 – Including Don’s Convertible

You know how you’re always going on about how cool and stylish everything was in the 60s? And how they just don’t ‘make ’em like this anymore’?

Well, this is your chance to step back a few decades and own some truly timeless pieces.

On June 1, Hollywood memorabilia auction house ScreenBid will be putting over 1,500 props from AMC’s hit show Mad Men on offer – including some truly outstanding one-of-a-kind pieces.

Whether you’re looking to add a tasteful vintage touch to your home or splash some retro on your office, you’ll find no shortage of gems previously enjoyed by the likes of Don Draper, Peggy Olson, Roger Sterling and co.


You can preview the collection of items that’ll be up for auction on ScreenBid’s website. Some stand-out collectibles include Peggy’s sky-blue typewriter, Stan’s notepad with sketches, Roger’s Polaroid, Joan’s promotion letter, Betty’s engagement ring, and Megan’s shoe drawer.

Oh, and Don’s impeccable 1965 Chrysler Imperial convertible.

Don’t expect these finds to come cheap, though – a recent auction of Breaking Bad memorabilia saw Walter White’s $5 copy of “Leaves of Grass” fetch more than $65,000.


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