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You Probably Missed That Olivia Culpo Wore A Glass Dress To The Oscars

Marchesa x Stella Artois did brand marketing so #flawless last night you probably didn’t notice the glass dress they designed for Olivia Culpo.

Brand marketers have to be creative, and the brand marketers for Stella Artois proved to be super innovative last night with the glass dress they collaborated on with the illustrious fashion brand, Marchesa, for #Oscars2017.


Olivia Culpo - Marchesa for Stella Artois - 2

Stella Artois is currently in-market with a campaign slugged “Buy A Lady A Drink“, an initiative co-founded by Matt Damon and Gary White to drive awareness of the global water crisis in developing countries. The Belgian beer brand is investing in its brand health with a commitment to the global water crisis in partnership with Stella Artois will help provide 3.5 million people in the developing world with long-term, sustainable access to clean water by 2020.

As for the glass dress…

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Stella Artois took their “Buy A Lady A Drink” to the next level on the #Oscars2017 red carpet by dressing a literal lady in a literal glass dress for Olivia Culpo to wear during a literal Cinderella moment.

The Marchesa x Stella Artois dress is incredibly creative content marketing . Content marketing is a method by which consumer brands like Stella Artois communicate important messaging, like what the “Buy A Lady A Drink” campaign is all about, to their market in an exciting and informative way.

Because Stella Artois wants as many people as possible to “Buy A Lady A Drink” and meet their goal so, they leveraged the mass reach of the Oscars broadcast to send their message via a glass dress, designed by a leading fashion brand, and worn by an A-list actress.

Instead of just sending a press release out, and hoping the media picked up their story, Stella Artois distributed their message about the global water crisis with a glass dress. It’s smart marketing for a good cause — has already transformed the lives of 5 Million people globally with access to safe water and sanitation.

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