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On Our Radar – Caffè Artigiano

A new cafe coming to town isn't always a big deal, but when it's carrying tons of B.C. clout, we think it's worth letting you know about. Set to open sometime later this month, Caffè Artigiano could be a downtown game-changer...

By Lisa Lagace 

Not every coffee shop would make the cut.

But the fact that Caffè Artigiano already has 10 locations in B.C and 4 more in Alberta proves that it has some serious staying power. So finding out that it’s slated to open a new downtown Toronto location next month seems well worth letting you know.

This coffee roaster is bringing 14 years of experience with them – and they’ll need every single day of it to break into this coffee obsessed city of ours.

Given their new address, however, at 67 Yonge St., we like that Caffè Artigiano isn’t shying away from immediately trying to make their mark in the Big Smoke.

Since artigiano is Italian for artisan, we suspect to find a fairly authentic Italian coffeehouse and bistro feel at the upcoming location. And if their Toronto spot is anything like those already out west, you can expect some pretty solid downtown lunch options to go alongside your coffee of choice.

Let the downtown bean wars begin – all over again.


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