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Old Montreal is Paving Over its Historic Streets

With the rapid turnaround of restaurants, bars, and boutiques, the one thing that has remained unchanged about Montreal is the quaint and picturesque Old Montreal.

If you’ve been, you know that the area gives off a distinctly European vibe, facilitated by one distinct feature: the cobblestone streets.

Easy on the eyes but not great for heels, the cobblestone streets have remained a fixture for centuries. But now, the city has plans to pave over the beloved cobblestones on Saint-Paul Street.

Don’t freak out: the good news is it’s only temporary.

Though likely unsightly for a while, the move is a necessary one. Saint-Paul Street is in need of some major repairs, but the city didn’t want local businesses or tourism to suffer in the neighbourhood. Repaving the roads will reduce the noise and dust caused by construction, and some cash has been set aside to aid businesses who may suffer with the construction.

The whole thing is part of an initiative called PRAM, a large-scale infrastructure reconstruction project.

Once the work is done, the second phase of the project will begin. This will see the widening of sidewalks, the removal of 150 parking spots, and repaving the middle of the street with new cobblestones. Complete details on the final touches are not yet available.

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