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Now Open: Kinton Ramen

With new Japanese restaurants opening seemingly on a monthly basis in Toronto, it's getting a bit harder to separate the gems from the average. Kinton Ramen on Baldwin street is definitely a must-try, recently opened by the owners of beloved Guu

After Guu opened a couple years ago, we started to see the city getting evermore excited for Japanese cuisine. A couple more izakayas opened up, higher-end sushi spots became more present, and the announcement of Momofuku opening three different restaurants this summer in the Shangri La Hotel hyped up the buzz to fever pitch. Then last week, the owners of Guu opened up another spot, this time on Baldwin Street. Yes, ladies and gents, Kinton Ramen is now open for business.

Not surprisingly, Kinton Ramen serves a menu almost exclusively of ramen noodles. There are seven ramen dishes to choose from, like the Miso (with soybean paste, kinton pork, corn and garlic oil), the Shoyu (with kinton pork, seasoned egg, nori and soy sauce), and even the Cheese (with Swiss cheese, kinton pork, corn and basil). Though, you can add extra toppings to any dish to make a creation all your own. 

The space is what you’d expect from the folks behind Guu Izakaya and Guu Sakabar – lots of woods, plays with texture and tiling, communal seating, and the like. There’s a selection beer cocktails, sake, and sawaa on menu as well, for those who need to quench their thirst for libations. Kinton Ramen is definitely a must-try spot on the Baldwin restaurant strip.

Photo courtesy Kinton Ramen

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