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#NotablePeople: How Haley Bogaert is Dominating Toronto’s Beauty Industry

Haley Bogaert knows a thing or two about a glow up.

Having begun her career in Toronto’s makeup industry at 16, she’s had ample opportunity to work alongside some of the best in the business, including socialites such as Nelly Furtado, Marilyn Denis, and Kelly Rowan. Four years ago she decided to launch her own business and she hasn’t looked back since. We had the opportunity to sit with her to learn more about what keeps her motivated and inspired as she’s grown her empire.

  1. The best piece of advice I ever received is that slow and steady wins the race.
    Someone I look up to is – Sophia Amoruso, Founder and CEO of Nasty Gal (because, #GIRLBOSS)
    The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is Skincare. Glowing skin is the first step to a good day!
    I couldn’t do what I do without my TEAM

 What made you want to start a lifestyle brand?
I’ve always wanted to help women feel confident in their skin and that’s why HB Face is dedicated to creating a natural makeup look that enhances women’s natural beauty.

 What advice would you give to someone looking to learn more about the beauty industry?
Research, research, research! The beauty industry is worth more than $500 billion dollars and is growing faster than ever before. There are so many beauty brands introducing new products, rituals and routines to the beauty industry with new approaches to sustainability, transparency and influencer marketing. There is so much out there and it’s so important to do in-depth research that will help you form your own opinions and ideas about today’s beauty market.

 What would you say is you career’s mission?
My mission is to help women feel their best by helping them simplify their makeup and skincare routines.

How can I get into this career? What are the steps?
I’m a big believer in apprenticeship. When I started working in the beauty industry, I took every opportunity to shadow beauty experts so I could absorb as much information as possible. For me, practicing hands-on was the best way to learn. I also believe that no matter how long you’re in the industry, you can always improve, which is why I’m always eager to connect with and learn from like-minded beauty founders. Asking questions and networking can get you everywhere in the beauty industry.

What type of person or personality is suited for what you do?
I don’t think there’s one perfect or ideal person or personality that’s suited for what I do. That being said, entrepreneurship requires a whole lot of passion, hard work and dedication.

Can you share 3 tips for being successful in this career?
At the age of 22, I experienced a family tragedy, which prompted me to rethink my career path. I decided to take a leap of faith by quitting my job and launching my own beauty company, Haley Bogaert Face. Starting my company after what had gone through with my family, I attribute my success to having cultivated a close “family” dynamic within my team.
As a leader, showing your human side is important, especially within a small team. Taking time to listen to your employees, understand their objectives and express your support for their long-term potential can help retain staff and improve engagement. This is essential in fast-growing companies, where minimizing turnover can help support accelerated growth. Also, honesty and transparency are the keys to building trust with your clients and your team. Celebrate the good news, share the bad news, and take time to reflect as a team on key learnings.

Tell us a secret about your job.
Most people think that because I own the business, I’m all behind the scenes and never at the studio but that’s not the case. I’m in the studio six days a week working on more than 200 clients a week. Seeing clients leave my studio happier than when they walked in the door fills me with an immense amount of joy.

Anything exciting coming up? 
We have some new locations in the works. More details on that to come!

Follow Haley on Instagram @hb.face and @haleybogaert or check out her website to get the best brows of your life or to try out any of her amazing skin care products.

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